How to be a chess champion

How to be a champion

Do you want to be a champion?

This isn’t easy at all. To achieve this goal, you need to work hard, spending many hours studying.

Playing: You have to play in high rated tournaments, with better opponents than you. During these tournaments avoid any blitz or rapid games.

Training: Together with your coach, you should create an opening repertoire that suits your style. The coach will teach you endgames and work with you on tactics and positional chess. He/she can identify any weaknesses in your game and can work with you to eliminate them and take you to a whole other level.

Studying: On this level you need to study a lot. You should continue solving chess puzzles and studying the classics, the opening theory and the endgames. Watch on the web games of top players. Before a game, spend some time preparing against you opponent.

Of course, there are other considerations that should be taken into account. For example, you must improve your physical condition, sleep well before a game, eat sensibly, etc.



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