1st Youth Rapid

1st Youth Rapid PLANET CHESS

The Chess Club Gambit Bonnevoie, together with the chess trainers of the team, organises the 1st Youth Rapid Chess Tournament PLANET CHESS at Bonnevoie on Friday 4 May at 18.30

The trainers of the club take the initiative to organise the 1st chess rapid tournament Planet Chess for only the participants of Friday courses. This tournament is a test for esteeming the possibility to organise future youth tournaments in our club.

 ORGANISERS: Gambit Bonnevoie


CHIEF ARBITER: Nikos Komninos

TOURNAMENT SYSTEM: 5 round Swiss system. 

Registration from 18:10 to 18:20

  • 1st round at 18:30

  • 2nd round at 18:55

  • 3rd round at 19:20

  • 4th round at 19:45

  • 5th round at 20:10 

Players who register after 18.20 will get half a point and play from 2nd round.

TIME CONTROL: 10 minutes for each player 

TIE-BREAKS: To resolve possible tie-breaks the following criteria will be applied:

a) The results of the tied players with each other (only if all tied players have played each other).
b) Bucholz cut-1
c) Bucholz
d) Sonneborn-Berger
e) Arranz


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