1st Youth Rapid

1st Youth Rapid PLANET CHESS

Konstantinos Basinas won the 1st Youth Rapid PLANET CHESS Chess Tournament with a full point lead . Vlad Onea and Tom Reding top the list of second on four points. 

Forty two young players participated in the 1st Youth Rapid PLANET CHESS Chess Tournament. The event took place on Friday evening, 4 May 2018, at Hall omnisport de Bonnevoie. 

The gold metal was awarded to Konstantinos Basinas as the winner of the rapid tournament with 5 out 5. Vlad Onea took the second place and the silver metal, Tome Reding won the bronze metal and the third place because both they had the best tiebreaks among the seven players with 4 points.  Several other prices were awarded to the next 13 top players. 



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